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Siding Services

Updating your home with our Siding Services can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. Offering a variety of different siding solutions we have exactly what you're looking for!  Siding Services are a great way to update the look and structure of your home without major renovations. Contact Griffith Exteriors and schedule a Siding Services Consultation! 215-325-1044

Griffith Exteriors Siding Services Include:

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Steel Siding
  • Authentic Wood Plan Siding
  • Siding Repair Services

New Siding

Could your house use New Siding? Over time the exterior of your home is exposed to inclement weather conditions and the sun. These exposures result in fading, stained and damaged siding. Griffith Exteriors can provide you with New Siding of the highest quality that is long lasting and resilient. We use only the best available resources for our New Siding services, and we will work with you to determine what material will best fit your home! If you have questions about our New Siding Services Contact us today! 215-325-1044

Let Griffith Exteriors add beauty and value to your home with our excellent selection in New Siding. Chose from our low-maintenance options including vinyl, fiber cement, aluminum, steel and authentic wood plank. Restore the refinement of your home with New Siding from Griffith Exteriors! 215-325-1044

Siding Repair

Is the Siding on your home not ready to be replaced, but needs Siding Repair? Griffith Exteriors offers siding repair services for any kind of siding! Griffith Exteriors has the tools, equipment, materials and man power to quickly and effectively repair your siding and have it looking like new. Repair siding that is cracked or damaged in no time by contacting us today for Siding Repair in Montgomery and Bucks County PA! 215-325-1044

Vinyl Siding

Griffith Exteriors offers vinyl siding and fiber cement Siding Services, both of which are beautiful, and virtually zero maintenance. Vinyl Siding is the most popular choice for homes in Montgomery and Bucks County PA. The attractive look and advanced material makes it the perfect solution for home exteriors! Chose from a variety of vinyl siding options and find the perfect solution for your home. Contact Griffith today to learn more about our Vinyl Siding options. 215-325-1044