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Leaf Protection

Griffith Exteriors' mission is to not only improve the appearance of your homes exterior, but also its functionality. Our Leaf Protection Services help to keep your home safe from water damage. Old gutters can be a constant hassle for homeowners who experience a high volume of leaves throughout the year. Older gutters that are not designed to keep leaves and debris out are much more likely to clog, and require a lot of maintenance to keep clear. When gutters and down spouts clog it doesn't allow for proper drainage, that can quickly result in flooding. Water flow from over the gutters often pools at the foundation of your home rather than away from it, often times resulting in basement or first floor flooding and even foundation damage. 

Gutter Replacement

Are you fed up with having to constantly clean your gutters? Griffith Exteriors offers Gutter Replacement Services that put an end to clogged gutters! Leaf Relief systems are designed with guards that allow water to reach the gutters while keeping leaves and debris out! Other gutter guard systems can still get clogged, and become even harder to clean and clear because of the guard in place. Griffith Exteriors also offers brand new aluminum and copper traditional gutters that are a beautiful accent to any home, and when properly installed create very efficient drainage systems. Put an end to outdated, high maintenance gutters. Contact Griffith Exteriors today for Gutter Replacement in Montgomery and Bucks County PA! 215-325-1044

Trim Work

Griffith Exteriors offers a variety of Trim Services, including Composite Trim Systems, Window & Door Trim Capping, and Accent Trim Services.  New trim will make your home stand out from the rest, accenting all other exterior fixtures. Griffith Exteriors installs the highest quality trim materials, designed to sustain their new look with little to no maintenance required from the homeowner. Our Trim Capping services are a great way to quickly add the finishing touches to your home. Griffith Exteriors offers Custom Trim and Accent work to give your home a unique finish! Want to learn more about our Trim and Accent Services? Contact Griffith Exteriors today, servicing Montgomery and Bucks County PA! 215-325-1044