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Griffith Exteriors Services in Bucks County PA

Griffith Exteriors is standing by for all of your Home Exterior Remodeling needs in Bucks County PA! Our Full Service company is dedicated to providing Bucks County PA residents with the remodeling services they are looking for to not only improve the overall look of their home's exterior, but its functionality as well. Whether you are looking for Roof Repair in Bucks County PA or Siding Replacement for your entire home Griffith Exteriors won't let you down! Griffith is a family owned and operated business that uses only the most reliable and effective resources, sure to result in the best end product. Give your home life-long upgrades that will increase your curb appeal while decreasing your energy bills! Contact Griffith today and ask what we can do for you and your Bucks County PA Home! 215-325-1026

Roofing Bucks County PA

Griffith Exteriors provides Bucks County PA homeowners with Roof Repair, New Roofing, and Roof Replacement. Over time the roofing on your home is subject to damage from harsh weather, excessive sun exposure, poor maintenance, and debris. Whether you are experiencing damage that requires a minor Roof Repair in Bucks County PA or you are in need of Roof Replacement Griffith Exteriors is standing by! To schedule a Roofing Services in Bucks County PA Quote Contact Griffith Exteriors today! 215-325-1044

Chose from a variety of different options for Roof Replacement in Bucks County PA. Whether you are looking for asphalt shingle roofing, flat roofing, cedar shake, or slate tile roofing Griffith Exteriors does it all! In addition to residential Roofing in Bucks County PA Griffith also also Commercial Roofing in Bucks County PA. Supply your home or business with the maintenance it needs and subsequently greatly improve curb appeal! Don't waste any more time, Contact Griffith Exteriors for the best Roofing in Bucks County PA! 215-325-1044

Siding Bucks County PA

Is it time to update your home with New Siding in Bucks County PA? When siding becomes damaged it leaves your home looking tattered. Old siding is not only unattractive, but also leaves your home more vulnerable. For reliable Siding Replacement in Bucks County PA look no further than Griffith Exteriors! We are the siding experts in Bucks County PA, helping home owners throughout the area restore the exterior of their homes, specifically through Siding Replacement. For a FREE Siding Replacement Quote in Bucks County Contact Griffith today! 215-325-1044
We will provide you with a variety of new siding samples, to ensure you find the perfect fit for your home. Once the material has been finalized we will install the new siding in no time, leaving you with the beautiful home you desire! We are here to make the process easy for you, Contact Us today for New Siding in Bucks County PA215-325-1044

Windows & Doors Bucks County PA

Are the windows or doors outdated in your home? Griffith Exteriors provides homeowners with New Windows & Doors in Bucks County PA. Our window and door services are designed to polish your homes exterior while increasing its energy efficiency. Old windows and doors can leave you with a drafty house, running up your energy bills in the winter and summer seasons. Whether you are looking to replace a single window or outfit your home with all new windows and doors Griffith Exteriors has the best options for you! For a FREE Window and Door replacement quote Contact Griffith today! 215-325-1044

Have you always imagined your home with a beautiful bay window, or other custom window design? Griffith Exteriors provides new window installation in Bucks County PA! For years we have helped Bucks County PA homeowners personalize their homes with bay, bow, garden, and combination windows. These new window accents will help open up, and brighten your home for years to come. Want to learn more about our window services in Bucks County PA? Contact Us and schedule an assessment, so we can present you with all your options. We're standing by! 215-325-1044

Gutters & Leaf Protection Bucks County PA

Protect your home this year with new Gutters in Bucks County PA from Griffith Exteriors. Our Gutter Replacement services include traditional gutters or Leaf Relief gutters with gutter guard. Chose from beautiful copper or aluminum traditional gutters that are resilient and provide excellent drainage. If you spend too many days each fall on a ladder cleaning out your gutters it might be time to switch to Leaf Relief gutters! Our Leaf Relief Gutter Replacement Services in Bucks County PA are perfect for homes that experience a lot of fallen leaves. Clogged gutters can result in serious damage to a home, and can be dangerous to clean out. Leaf Relief gutters are designed with an innovative guard technology that allow for little to no debris in the actual gutter. Make sure your home has proper water drainage, contact Griffith Exteriors for Gutter Replacement in Bucks County PA215-325-1044